Does Petroleum Jelly Make Eyelashes Grow


From chapped lips to smeared mascara, Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is the all-in-one cure. Petroleum jelly or white petrolatum is the semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons which is used to cure everything. Apparently, it is also used to make your eyelashes fuller and longer.

Steps to Apply petroleum jelly

Clean your eyelid area and make it gunk free and then apply petroleum jelly on your clean eyelash with the help of your mascara wand apply it. Run it along your lash line careful don’t get it into your eye, as you apply eyeliner. You should start seeing some improvement in 2-4 weeks.

Pros & Cons

There are couple of pros and cons that you must know before you decide to use Vaseline to make your eyelashes longer.


  • It is cheap. You can find it everywhere.
  • It is well known to heal cuts and burns by moisturizing affected area.
  • T makes your makeup last longer. Therefore, if you are applying it before your mascara, then it will apparently makes it last longer.
  • If you apply it daytime then it gives you a natural dewy look when you apply it on your lashes.


  • Some people say that instead of making your mascara last longer, it smudges your mascara and give you raccoon eyes.
  • The greasy texture and make it difficult to remove it.
  • Oils around the eye area can cause a problem as it can leads to unsightly puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. So rinse it off properly in the morning.
  • The oily and thick texture of petroleum jelly can clog the pores, which will lead to acne.
  • Some people even face allergic reactions after applying Vaseline to sensitive eye area.

If you decide to apply petroleum jelly to get fuller eyelash then you don’t have to wait 2-4 weeks to reap the benefits. As soon as you put it the oily substance increases the reflectance and add definition to your lashes like mascara does. Try using it every day under your usual mascara to make it last a little bit longer. Be patient you will surely find difference.


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