Steps to Create the Illusion of Thicker Lashes without Using the Mascara


Thicker, longer eyelashes are the one that every woman wants but it is not the easy job. You have to make up a lot to make your eyelashes looking longer, beautiful and get the perfection of thicker eyelashes. But applying mascara on the eyes regularly is not easy and also not safe for the eyes. This is also not easy for everyday. So know the best tricks that are safe and help to get the perfection of mascara and get the smoky eye. This will help you to save extra time and money also on the mascara also.

The best way to get thicker lashes without using mascara is to make use of the “invisible eye liner” but it is not invisible eye liner it is a tight line. And this gives the best perfection of mascara. It is easy to apply and only thing you need to do is to fill the middle of the line instead of applying liner over the lashes.

Make use of the Simple steps to do so easily:

  1. With Clean fingers, lift your eyelashes upward so that the lash line gets visible. And then with the liner fill the gaps between the roots of the lash hair. To get the best result you need to do is to line the closest line area to the lashes, do it carefully as the liquid liner may get into the eyes and this sting a lot. You need to make use of the good quality eye liner or kajal. This can also be done with the kajal.
  2. Now make use of the eyeliner to fill the gaps neatly. To do this dab the liner between individual lashes from under. Make use of the pen eye liner or make use of the lash lining tool for the best result.
  3. This totally depends on your choice whether you want to tight the line whole of it or just the half. And if you want to make it more intense, then follow eyeliner or single coat of mascara also. But this not for the whole day, as this is not safe for eyelashes and eyes too.

Natural way to make eyelashes thicker:

You can make use of the Idol Eyelash Enhancer as this is the best option to get thick, dark longer eyelashes. This is the perfect solution to make the eyelashes naturally longer. With the help of this product one can make normal eye look like celebrity eye lashes. This is one of the easiest way to get the perfect eye lashes without dealing with the mess and harass is fake lashes or heavy eye make-ups. . It is tested and clinically proven on eye lashes and eyebrows too. It is natural and helps the lashes to grow in darker and denser and also to stay longer. It is safe and easy to use.

This will help you to get thicker, longer eyelashes without using mascara naturally.


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